Have you ever just had enough? Like…DONE. Done with the hamster wheel. Done with the cooking dinner every night. Done with the never ending laundry. Done with the assignments that keep coming left and right. Done with the car. Done with the responsibilities. Done with the “perfect” life you keep working for. Just DONE? Me too.

As a matter of fact, I just came through the longest stint of being “DONE” that I have ever had. I had some events outside of my control that shook me to the core and really made me redefine myself TO MYSELF.

As your life coach, you may be thinking “why in the world is she telling me this and why would I want to work with her?” Well, I can answer one of those, you will have to answer the other.

I tell you this because we are ALL human. Life will come to all of us and sweep us off our feet every once in a while. Sometimes it takes longer than others to get back up… and that is ok! I had a lot of work to do and I will always have work to do. The thing is that we can never stop doing the work. If I ever stop working on me, I beg you to find someone else to work with. Because if I am not constantly working on me, then I cannot be the best me to help you. Would you go to a doctor that didn’t keep up on the new medical advances? Would you take your vehicle to a mechanic who has never seen a vehicle? I am good at sharing what I learn. So taking years of experience and money and turning it into a condensed form to help propel you along is my goal.

I used to have the biggest imposter syndrome because I would listen to other people. People I love dearly even. Comments they would say “out of love” so I “didn’t get hurt” only left me doubting myself and my vision. Diving into God and surrounding myself with people who encourage me to look to God for my path has been a huge help. That alone lead me out of the victim mindset I had no even realized I was in. No one gets to tell me (or you) who and what you should be. That is up to you, and God, if you allow Him in.