why coaching packages?

Sometimes one on one coaching doesn’t fit the budget time wise or financially. That is why we have taken the years of research and coaching, and created a few different options that will help all those looking to make movement in their life.






This is an at “your own pace” option. It allows for plenty of flexibility.





This package has everything the WORKBOOK package has plus 4 ten minute one on one calls with me to help guide you through it. This package has mediocre flexibility.




  This is not a package. This is a one time 50 minute meeting with me. This is perfect for those who have a goal and just need some clarity and solid goals. 




This is 6 week commitment to a 50 minute call each week. This is for those who have a serious goal and are ready to make movement in their lives!  


Hold Her Events

 Controlled Chaos

Next IN PERSON event is located in NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA on February 24, 2024 , at 2pm EST.


So excited to meet you IN PERSON!!!



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Legal Disclaimer

Erin Sanders LC packets are not to be used in place of therapy. These are tools to be used for individuals on their own. There is no guaranteed outcome because each individual will but in their own effort on their own time. Therefore, Erin Sanders LC cannot guarantee an outcome. If you choose to work with Erin Sanders LC in an active coaching session, there will be housekeeping forms to fill out for the application process. Just to reiterate, your outcomes depend on your effort.